A total of 18 participants from the Department of Sarawak Women & Families attended a system training held and organised by SOCOE. The objective of the training was to transform and digitise the 18 women through compact and intensive training.

The system training was designed by SOCOE as a social and interactive 'Flight Experience' for the Department of Sarawak Women & Families. It was an educational session for the committees - exposing them the benefits of using the JWKS community platform. A short introduction briefing was given followed by a one-to-one interactive session where they are assisted on a step-by-step process on how to register onto the platform, and understanding how the platform works.

SOCOE Specialist checking in and boarding the participants for system training

Interactive training session with participants by SOCOE specialist

SOCOE has a vision to unite the community beginning in Sarawak followed by the rest of Borneo and beyond. This is only the beginning for SOCOE and Department of Sarawak Women & Families working together towards an empowering and united Sarawak Digital Economy. We look forward to more collaborations in the future.

Participants from the Department of Sarawak Women & Families