Fatimah explains the concept for the i-KWKPK app, which would include the implementation of the Kenyalang Gold Card and other services.

KUCHING: The Kenyalang Gold Card, which will allow Sarawak senior citizens to enjoy special privileges and discounts, will be presented at the next state cabinet meeting for approval and implementation in January next year.

Welfare, Community Well Being, Women, Family and Childhood Development Minister Dato Sri Fatimah Abdullah said a total of 24 companies have signed up as vendors for the card, which is meant for Sarawakians aged 60 and above.

This card is said to be formulated using a similar concept which has already been implemented in Singapore and New Zealand. According to Fatimah, the tagline for this card is 'Life Starts At 60'.

“The holders of this card will get discounts from the applicable companies in optical service, health service, dental service, reflexology, bus transportation, food outlet, pharmacy, retail, tailoring, hair salon and even employment agencies involved in employing maids.

“This is important for senior citizens, because as they age they would have problems with their sight, hearing and dental, and these discounts will come in handy. Efforts are ongoing to get more vendors, especially in health services," Fatimah said at a press conference after chairing a meeting at her ministry's office in Bangunan Baitulmakmur today.

She said her ministry is also proposing for a 'khairat kematian' (death assistance fund) to be given to the next of kin of Kenyalang Gold Card holders when he or she holder passes away.

“It is similar to the 'khairat kematian' for government pensioners. Therefore, this proposal is only meant for non-pensioners especially those in the B40 group. We are proposing for a similar amount as given to pensioners, which is RM3,000 to assist the next of kin with funeral expenses," she said.

On another matter, Fatimah said her ministry is now working with Socoe Sdn Bhd to develop a mobile app called i-KWKPK which would enable the public to access the ministry's grants, incentives and assistance on a single platform.

She said the services to be provided on the app included the Kenyalang Gold Card, applications for the RM1,000 incentive for newborn Sarawakian babies under the Endowment Fund Sarawak (EFS), Special Annual Grants (GTK) for kindergartens, ePRENEURS and others.

She explained that the mobile app is in line with the ministry's aim to be more efficient and to improve its delivery systems through digitalisation.

“We will present this app to the state government for approval before it can be offered to the public. There are security factors and precision factors which we will need to finalise first.

“God willing, if all goes well, this app will be available to the public quite soon, hopefully sometime next year," she said.

She pointed out that Socoe Sdn Bhd had been given a timeframe to set up the system which will involve real-time links and inter-connectivity between relevant agencies.

“For example, the EFS service needs to connect with the National Registration Department, Bank Islam and the Treasury. The same goes with the Gold Card, it needs to connect with the National Registration Department and the vendors, and so on.

“We need to make sure the system works efficiently and is intuitive, just by clicking on buttons in the app, so that older people will have no problem using it," she said.

>Sources: Borneo Post Online