OYA: The ongoing Taman Solidariti project in Dalat near here which is expected to be completed soon is all about living with nature at a location where some people claimed to be 'haunted'.

The site which is occupied by a cluster of certain species of trees and also plants is located in the heart of Dalat bazaar.

Welfare, Community Wellbeing, Women, Family and Childhood Development Minister Datuk Seri Fatimah Abdullah said the project was implemented under the rural transformation programme (RTP).

According to her, Taman Solidariti was created with an important message as it would remind us of solidarity and unity here.

“It serves to ensure us that we do not only talk about solidarity and racial unity here, but are reminded of the two elements every time we visit the place," she said when officiating at the Chinese New Year celebration at Oya Square here on Friday night.

According to her, previously, the location was said to be 'taman hantu' (ghost garden) because of the existence of a species of tree locally known as 'ara'.

She added that some quarters even claimed that anyone who cut the tree would die.

Fatimah revealed that Taman Solidariti is being adorned as a symbol of harmony between human and the environment living together, and respecting one and other.

She said the Melanau, Chinese and Iban cultures were beautifully shown through mosaic decoration at Taman Solidariti.

Taman Solidariti embodies the act of society and environment co-existing with one another.
>Sources: New Sarawak Tribune