DALAT: About 28 branches of the youth-based group Beliawanis have been formed in this district so far and their existence is seen as a move to empower young women to be better all-rounded persons.

As the name suggests, beliawanis refers to a female youth group, while belia (youth) is a general term referring to both sexes.

Welfare, Community Wellbeing, Women, Family and Childhood Development Minister Datuk Seri Fatimah Abdullah said all villages in Dalat Constituency now —from Oya to Kampung Klid — now have Beliawanis,

According to her, the group has its own committee comprising a chairman, secretary and treasurer and committee members as well as advisors who are women chiefs in their respective villages.

Participants of mini fun run and telematch with Fatimah (second right).

“Beliawanis is aimed at giving opportunity to young women to nurture their leadership talents through implementing activities which will not only benefit them, but also the local community," she said when officiating at Kampung Balan Mini Fun Run and Telematch at the village community hall here on Saturday.

Fatimah added every Beliawanis was required to present a working paper on what they plan to do in their respective villages and when approved, they would be allocated funds.

She said they had implemented various activities in their respective villages such as gotong-royong cleaning of the community hall in Kampung Medong Hilir, Dalat, and making yellow mee and gotong-royong cleaning of a senior citizen's house in Kampung Senau, Oya.

The Dalat assemblywoman added all these showed Beliawanis also had the ability to work together with the Village Development and Security Committees (JKKKs), as well as the local youths.

Fatimah at a photocall with the youth.

>Sources: New Sarawak Tribune