50 KM Trail

The Bario Trail Run 2019 takes runners through the picturesque villages, pristine forests, rice fields and past many longhouses of the Kelabit people who populate the highlands. Cris-crossing through the ranges, through peaks and valleys, as well as a few crystal clear streams. Take a break mid-run to soak in the views as you reach two lookout points (Agan Hill and Ipeng Hill). You will be rewarded with the breathtaking views of the Borneo tropical rainforest.

The trail is 50km long, beginning and ending in Bario, located 1,000m above sea level. These trails comprise of buffalo trails as well as hunting trails and are also used by the local indigenous Kelabit communities to travel from village to village.

This route will be enjoyed by those who love a bit of a challenge; a bit of mud and a test of strength here and there that caters to and is suitable for all levels of trail runners.

Local Communities and Conservation

The organisers and the local community hope to use the event to grow the local community's capabilities in organising successful events that promotes the beauty of the Bario highlands, whether this event or others such as the Pesta Nukenen or food festival held in Bario annually.

In particular, the Bario Trail Run is to create awareness around the refurbishment and maintenance of the trail.